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Who we are?
Accolade Consulting was set up in 2002 and has been delivering high impact communication training that is; engaging, educational and effective in creating long term behavioural change.

Why book with us?
We are extremely effective in what we do because we have the experience to design, execute and support the right solution for your training needs.
  • Our consultants are highly qualified in the areas they work in
  • Our courses are highly practical and interactive, delegates will learn by doing.
  • We can break successful behaviour down to manageable pieces so delegates can apply the skills they have learned quickly.
  • We believe people learn best in a positive environment that we will create through our passion for our subject and our ability to make the learning experience enjoyable.
"Communication is Everything - Explained"
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What we do?
We offer a range of training courses, coaching and constructive feedback each individually tailored to the needs of our specific client requirement.

Of course on our website you would expect us to say all those things, so contact us to discuss what your needs are and we can look at how we can design a high value trial course with us that can demonstrate just how much value we can add to your organization. 

"Martin Brooks of Accolade is one of the most effective trainers I have seen in some years. He's energetic, fun, and activity-driven.  He is especially talented in his ability to make complicated material accessible for people who are not skilled in behaviour change. He has been leading negotiation and influencing skills training for several years at Vodafone Ireland.  In our first year, we measured ROI and had a 3:1 return on investment on the negotiation skills course as evidenced through improved deals for Vodafone with no negative impact on the relationship with the other party. He's the kind of creative trainer with whom you can do innovative things with.

Claudia Bloom-Darby
Former Learning and Development Manager
Vodafone Ireland